The Harbin Courtyard project is located in the historical district of Harbin Xiangfang, close to the school and Sunjia railway station, with convenient communications and remarkable facilities and services. At the initial stage of design, the design is to endeavor at exploring the resources and characteristics of the site, to create Vanke's uniqueness and sense of quality, and to highlight the distinctive features of the project in the region, the story of the project starts with the Killer Whale that goes upstream, benchmarking with Vancouver, Canada, aiming to stimulate the vibrancy of the traditional downtown, reshape the spirit of the venue, advocate a new lifestyle, create a new generation residential area that combines vitality, sense of topic and attraction, and establish a typical Harbin A new benchmark of urban residence.

Short office name: ZAP
Role of the office in the project: Landscape Architecture
Website: www.zapmla.com
Project location: Harbin, China
Size: 3,0000 Sq. Meters
Design year: 2021
Year Built: 2022