ZAP has been working on the STAR PARK Taiyuan South Station new center project since early 2020, and from the first acquaintance of the site, we hope to shape the site's own label charm from the perspective of happy park theme positioning and vitality shaping. STAR PARK is located at the southwest side of Taiyuan South Station, near Taiyu Road, within 10 minutes' walk from Vanke Aura residential group, and within 5 minutes' walk from Impression City commercial district and Taiyuan South Station is within a 5-minute ride, with convenient transportation and excellent location. It is adjacent to the intersection of urban core interface, located at the excessive articulation of business district and transportation hub, and the surrounding area is mostly residential land.

The Star Happy Park's robust theme is the first impression that comes to attract crowds to arrive and stand out among the many park forms as a cultural business card feature. A striking theme will be consistent with the park's ethos and have a very significant communication potential. A clearly themed park will also be linked to the product operation or to the government culture to form a local city spirit link, forming a public meeting point with urban influence.

Short office name: ZAP
Role of the office in the project: Landscape Architecture
Project location: Taiyuan, China
Size: 7,000 Sq. Meters
Design year: 2020
Year Built: 2020