Qingdao Time Park covers an area of 36,000 square meters, at the heart of Yinzhu Street on the west coast, and is also the home of the Yinzhu Street Government and the Qingdao Municipal Government. Vanke is targeting the village of East and West Family Beach to create a new benchmark project for old town renovation. When we first thought about the park, we wanted to consider the entire site as a complete continuous strip of space. The park does not exist in isolation, but rather as a complete block that runs through the streets, the commercial complex, and the surrounding ecological and green spaces. The park is a new benchmark for the transformation of old villages in the Yinzhu Street and East and West Fengjiatan Village areas, and its impact on the surrounding commercial and residential areas is considered from the perspective of urban design. We think and develop the design from the point of view of the comprehensive social influence of the integrated urban area that integrates residence, education, sports and recreation.

Time Park is the park that residents want, but it is also a spiritual place for the future development of the city. From the initial tension to the final accumulation of the project, the park has grown up gradually. We would like to use the park to open Qingdao to the public through the combination of repeated deliberation, on-site construction and design, and countless deliberations and considerations. Living health, evoking or stirring up a passionate life, shuttling through colorful activities, freely and openly welcoming A New Look at Qingdao City.

Short office name: ZAP
Role of the office in the project: Landscape Architecture
Website: www.zapmla.com
Project location: Qingdao, China
Size: 36,000 Sq. Meters
Design year: 2020
Year Built: 2020 in the process