Festival Bay Park

Festival Bay Park
Project Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Festival Bay Park site located in the Marina da Gloria in Rio de Janeiro. As part of the Rio 2016 Olympics, the site is slated for a reconsideration of existing park spaces, new urban development and the reconfiguration of the marina for a new exhibition hall and visitor center. In many ways, the site represents a potential new center-piece in the fabric of the city – a showcase destination that includes some of the city’s most important civic buildings, public places and ocean front beaches. The design concept is to create a new waterfront park and a new frontage for the city to optimize opportunities for social interaction with water.
Currently the site is blocked by the two major highways which act as barriers against visitors to approach the waterfront. So it is important for the design to perhaps make the connections that link between the downtown to the waterfront. How to create the passages for the park and how to give those a sense of civic scale, generosity movement, how a frontages and program could become much animated vibrant with cafe, restaurants and promote the economy development of the waterfront.
The design will provide 5 passages to create the linkage to the waterfront from the downtown to the water frontages, create 5 landscape rooms which formed the gardens as foundation to support those passages, and one big promenade as the joint strip holding the passages and rooms to create a continuous and vibrant water’s edge with the variety programming plazas.
Project Credits & Team
Ms. Wei Wang
University of Pennsylvania
项目地点: 巴西里约热内卢