• FAR ROC [For a Resilient Rockaway] is a two-phase design competition that will explore innovative strategies for the planning, design and construction of a resilient and sustainable development at Arverne East, an 80+ acre site on the Rockaway Peninsula. In recent years, the relationship between the built and the natural environment has been dramatically affected by climate change, severe storm events, and rising sea levels. The extensive damage to low-lying waterfront zones caused by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 reinforced the need for resilient infrastructure and redevelopment strategies for existing coastal communities throughout the greater New York area. Costly damage to buildings, roads, and utility systems by the storm raises the controversial question of whether areas of particular geographic vulnerability should be rebuilt, maintained and defended, or simply abandoned.

  • With these and other questions in mind, and given the scarcity of land and the significant need for housing and economic development in outlying areas of New York City, the FAR ROC design competition was organized to solicit creative ideas for resilient development strategies that can be implemented not only in the Rockaways but also throughout New York City and in vulnerable communities everywhere. 



ZAP 联合设计事务所被要求参加该项目设计组合,并提交了水岸线重生的设计理念。希望寄托于水岸边不同的生态水岸岛,来达到形成一个个不同的水景岸。并且这样一系列的水景岸岛将会有规律和有步骤的不断的生长与复制。从而给整个区域提供一个新型的水岸空间。