Longquan Mountain Planning


  • The Longquanshan Urban Forest Park with a total area of about 1275 square kilometers is known as the “city green heart” of Chengdu. In accordance with the concept of “accessible, participateable, landscaped, and scenic”, the city's green heart “super park” will become the international city living room shared by the two wings. Focus on building a national central city that fully reflects the new development concept, focusing on the construction of a beautiful Chinese model city with “blue water, blue sky, forest surrounded by trees”, with the theme of “world vision, international standards, Chengdu characteristics” as the standard, Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park After the completion of the project, it will realize six functions of ecological conservation, leisure tourism, physical fitness, cultural display, high-end service and foreign exchange.

  • 总面积约1275平方公里的龙泉山城市森林公园,被称为成都的“城市绿心”。按照“可进入、可参与、景观化、景区化”的理念,这个城市绿心“超级公园”还将成为两翼共享的国际化城市会客厅。聚焦建设全面体现新发展理念国家中心城市,着眼建设“碧水蓝天、森林环绕、绿树成荫”的美丽中国典范城市,以“世界眼光、国际标准、成都特色”为标准,龙泉山城市森林公园建好后将实现生态保育、休闲旅游、体育健身、文化展示、高端服务、对外交往六大功能。