Landscape requires stewardship. The field of landscape architecture must address some of the globe’s greatest challenges: a compromised ecology, an aging infrastructure and the pressure to house growing populations. By orchestrating the complexities of the modern landscape, ZAP’s designs promote community building and inspire engagement with the natural world.ZAP is dedicated to affecting positive change through landscape architecture, urban design and planning. We are advocates for the artful creation and transformation of the public realm, and practice in a range of scales, including ecological and regional systems, urban districts, campuses, civic parks, plazas, and intimate gardens.

  • JOB ID: #0928  Senior Landscape Designer (Shanghai Office)
  • JOB ID: #0927  Junior Landscape Designer  (Shanghai, Denver Office)
  • JOB ID: #0914  Landscape Assistant Designer (Shanghai, Denver Office)
  • JOB ID: #0502  Landscape Design Intern (Shanghai, Denver Office)

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