Longquan Mountain Resort Construction

Post Date:2019-08-24 18:03

Longquan Mountain Resort Construction

2019-08-24 18:03
The Longquan Mountain Resort Park has now started the initial construction process, and the site is very tight and begins the construction schedule. Our design team arrived at the site and conducted a detailed construction survey with the client team. A number of parts from the construction project that were not so completely consistent with the original design were also found, including the material selection of the entrance to the mountain gate. After arriving at the mountain, we also observed that many plants have been damaged, but the overall design is very consistent with our expectations. We are very much looking forward to the final accomplishment of such a great project. 



Architects: 庄子玉 (建筑师团队:庄子玉)
View from the mountain park
Inside the building

Design Team on site


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