Post Date:2019-07-01 14:29

  In recent years,BrandHousing enterprises compete for layout along the Qingshan Road in Baotou City, leadingThe housing company Vanke Group is even more wise and considers its location.At the junction of Qingshan Districtand Xincheng District, at the northwest corner of the intersection of Qingshan Road and Jianhua Road, the ninth building of the Olympic Sports Park on the north sideVanke Central Park .Vanke Central Park Located in the prime location of the city center, the main roads of the four major cities are adhered to. The main roads such as Jianhua Road connecting the entire construction road and the rare earth street run through the north-south direction of the city. Qingshan Road runs through the east-west direction of the city; Jianhua Road and Qingshan Road form a cross. Traffic road network, directly to the west of Qingkun two districts, eastward to Jiuyuan, Donghe District. There are 11 roads, 23 roads, 24 roads, 33 roads, 30 roads, 47 roads, 61 roads, 53 road bus stops around the project, Qingshan Wangfujing business circle, Wanda commercial circle, Kunqu district Baobai business circle, Jiuyuan. Wanda Commercial Circle, Donghe Victory Business Circle, Baotou Station, Baotou East Station and Donghe Airport can all be reached at one stop. From here to anywhere in the city is the nearest starting point.

  The urban area with a greening rate of 43% is a natural oxygen bar from the west to the east of Sai Khan Tara, the Olympic Park, the Civic Park, and the Century Deer Park. Baojiuzhong Foreign Language School, Yijiyizhong, Xincheng District First Primary School, Helsinki International Kindergarten and other high standard schools constitute a complete and first-class educational resource system; Baoji International Hospital and Jiuyuan District Hospital can provide all-round and three-dimensional medical and health services; Olympic Sports Center and Baotou Grand Theatre bring high quality and rich content. Cultural enjoyment. Vanke Group has built a modern, ecological, quality and intelligent Central Park in the areas of rich technology, rich planning, rich service, and rich people's livelihood.

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