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In the Chengdu section of the Longquan Mountain Range on the eastern edge of the Chengdu Plain, Longquanshan City Forest Park stretches 90 kilometers from north to south, with an east-west span of 10-12 kilometers, including Chengdu High-tech Zone, Tianfu New District, Longquanyi District, Qingbaijiang District, Jianyang City and Jintang County. The district (city) county, with a total area of 1275 square kilometers, is currently the largest urban forest park in the world.

  "Nine days out of Chengdu, Baililin broke into the drawing. Things look at the twin cities, and the roads are changed." This is the description of the Longquanshan Urban Forest Park planners. As a future world-class city green heart, an international city meeting room, what will be the Longquanshan City Forest Park after its completion? Chengdu Evening News invited Wang Shibin, director of Chengdu Longquanshan Urban Forest Park Management Committee and Wang Xiaoqi, vice president of Chengdu Planning and Design Institute, to interpret his latest plan.

  Global planning of the largest urban forest park 800 km of global greenway support

  "Currently, the urban pattern of Chengdu has changed from 'two mountains and one city' to 'one mountain and two wings'. One mountain is Longquan Mountain, and its positioning has been upgraded from 'ecological barrier' to 'city green heart'." Chengdu Longquan Mountain Wang Shibin, director of the Urban Forest Park Management Committee, introduced. Chengdu is accelerating the construction of a national central city that fully reflects the new development concept. According to this orientation, the planning and construction of Longquanshan Urban Forest Park adheres to the people-centered concept, adhering to the concept of “landscape, scenic area, accessibility, and participation”, green development, and building a beautiful Chinese model city. While providing leisure and recreation places for the public, it will also effectively enhance the livability, reputation and popularity of Chengdu.
  Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park has a planned area of 1275 square kilometers. It is currently the largest urban forest park in the world. It is based on “world-quality urban green heart” and “internationalized city meeting room”. It is divided into two functional zones and 10 Recreational unit, 3 sections of characteristic landscape, 3 ring traffic series, and global greenway support are the overall structure, covering six functions of ecological conservation, leisure tourism, physical fitness, cultural display, high-end service and foreign exchange.
  Among them, the two functional divisions are 890 square kilometers of mountain forest landscape area and 385 square kilometers of mountain front country recreation area. The mountain forest landscape area is mainly based on ecological restoration and agriculture and forestry industry. The mountain front country recreation area is based on the recreation unit consisting of 10 characteristic towns and country recreation gardens. It serves as the main gateway and main entrance of Longquanshan Urban Forest Park.

  On the whole, it will create a multi-dimensional landscape, showing the landscape effect of “far-sighted, close-view and quality”. According to the north-south section, we will create three characteristic landscape sections: “Deep Hill Canyon”, “Flower Hailin Temple” and “Huguang Mountain Color”. According to the upper and lower stratification, the “mountain evergreen forest” and “half mountain color field” will be displayed in order from high to low. There are 3 characteristic landscape layers in the former waterfront town, and at the same time, the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter are realized.
  In terms of transportation, it is possible to reach half an hour and half an hour to enter the mountain through the Huanshan Landscape Avenue, the Huanshan Track and the Mid-Level Mountain Tour.
  At the same time, the Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park has a total planning of “one axis, two rings, three corridors and seven paths, and more than one hundred points”. The total length is about 800 kilometers. The level is clear, the function is perfect, the mountain is water, and the theme is different. The Tao system realizes an organic tandem of nature, culture and industry.
  According to the ecological division, the forest coverage rate of 70.5% will be 70.5%.

  The construction of Longquanshan Urban Forest Park will strictly adhere to the ecological red line. The ridge ecological core protection area above 800 meters above sea level is based on the cultivation of the original ecosystem, and the forest landscape is restored through ecological conservation. 600-800 meters semi-mountain ecological buffer zone, focusing on urban leisure agriculture and forestry ecological construction, planning and construction of 25 agricultural and forestry industrial parks, each with a scale of 4-10 square kilometers. The pre-mountain ecological recreation area below 600 meters is mainly for greening landscape construction and recreation activities.
  According to the plan, the overall plan for the construction of Longquanshan Urban Forest Park is to achieve results at the beginning of the year 3, form a skeleton in 5 years, and be fully completed in 20 years. By 2020, with the focus on ecological restoration, the forest coverage rate will reach 60%, and major infrastructure construction and key area construction will be completed initially. By 2022, improve the ecological structure, improve the quality of forests, and achieve a forest coverage rate of 64%, basically forming a forest ecosystem, a recreation service system and an infrastructure system. By 2035, the system optimizes the ecological structure, comprehensively improves forest quality and landscape quality, and achieves a forest coverage rate of 70.5%. It comprehensively improves the recreation service system and infrastructure system, and builds Longquanshan Urban Forest Park into a world-class city green heart and international. Urban living room. By then, Chengdu will increase the net forest of 10 square meters per capita, and will increase the water storage capacity by 840 million cubic meters per year, 310,000 tons of carbon sequestration, and 230,000 tons of oxygen. At the same time, nearly 1,000 kinds of animal and plant species will be added to form diversification. Ecological environment system.
  In terms of production and life, Longquanshan Urban Forest Park will form an industrial interaction with the surrounding urban areas, provide high-end industrial services, support the functions of Chengdu's foreign exchange center, and vigorously enhance the international influence of modern Xintianfu.

  "At present, the overall planning of Longquanshan Urban Forest Park has basically taken shape, and the opinions of the public are being extensively sought. The relevant regulations are being optimized and improved. Some demonstration projects have started construction, and some projects have been partially opened." Wang Shibin revealed that the implementation of the plan in 2018 33 key projects such as resettlement, village optimization, ecological restoration, landscape upgrading, mountainous landscape avenues, urban forest greenways, and important observation decks.

“In order to do a good job in the planning of Longquanshan Urban Forest Park, we have thoroughly studied many successful cases with similar locations at home and abroad, similar scale and similar traffic conditions, such as Saihanba National Forest Park, Yellowstone National Park, Vienna Forest Park, Austria. Wang Xiaoqi said that at the same time, the Longquanshan Urban Forest Park’s natural resources, population distribution, history and culture, land use, social economy, transportation infrastructure and service facilities were thoroughly investigated and invited to participate in the Yellowstone National Park. The designed ZAP company participated in the planning and put forward higher requirements and standards for the main functions, spatial layout, traffic organization, construction and operation of Longquanshan Urban Forest Park.
  In Wang Xiaoqi's view, the construction of Longquanshan Urban Forest Park is a major project to implement important ecosystem protection and restoration. In this plan, the ecological sensitivity analysis of terrain (elevation, slope), water body, vegetation, geological disasters, nature reserves and other factors, according to ecological sensitivity and altitude, the Longquanshan urban forest park area is divided into three The area (the ridge ecological core protection area above 800 meters above sea level, the 600-800 meters half-mountain ecological buffer zone, and the 600 meters below the mountain front ecological recreation area) will be constructed.
  By 2035, the forest coverage rate of Longquanshan Urban Forest Park will reach 70.5%, comprehensively improve the recreation service system and infrastructure system, and build a world-class urban green heart and an international urban living room.

  Chengdu Evening News reporter Lin Wei
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