Qingshan Mountain Central Park

To express the sense of care through design, to preserve the core emotions by everyone’s participation, to show the respect of the venue and natural order. The integration and transition of art form a new, immersive experience.
▼距场地2KM的赛罕塔拉生态园,Sai Tetara Eco-Park 2km away from site

▼场地环境分析,context analysis

Through research and field exploration, except a large ecological park( Sai Tetara Park ) 2 km away that shows the original beauty of Inner Mongolia, there are seven parks with various themes within 15km radius of the venue. Therefore, as Vanke’s first project in Baotou, ZAP groups hope this future gift to Baotou citizens could be both shocking and poetic, full of beauty, novelty and warmth.
The Phase one of Baotou Vanke Central Park cover an area of approximately 90,000 m²

▼现场WORKSHOP概念草图推演,Concept sketch deduction during site WORKSHOP
The terrain of the site is high in the north and low in the south, and the existing south land is concave. Therefore, based on the current situation, ZAP designed a central lake, which not only conforms to the watershed terrain, but also creates a rare large open water surface in Baotou. All the activities and scenic spots are arranged around the shore, making full use of ‘water’ .
▼现场实景鸟瞰图,Aerial view
In addition to the diverse activity space along the shore, the landscape lake is built to reflect the image of the front elevation of the tourist center, facing the main entrance of the park. As for the building, its north wing is designed to be semi-buried, melted into the landscape terrain, while its roof slope is connected to the undulating canopy line. These methods of integration and borrowing of natural add a huge charm to the park .
▼包头·万科中央公园游客中心,The visitor center of Baotou Vanke Central Park
01. 乐耀广场
▼乐耀广场概念草图,Concept Sketch of Entry Plaza
Incorporate entertainment that enables people to improvise and interact with each other. As for the landscape wall, the combination of rotating, concave-convex distorting mirror (stainless steel) and its multi-angle reflection bring surprise and pleasure to people. In addition to the playful creativity for daytime, the lights design of Entry Plaza also provide an environmentally friendly and cool communication space for the local citizens at night.
▼夜间鸟瞰,aerial view by night
Design scene restoration: Passing by the wall, visitors who surrounded by the ginkgo trees can not help but gently pushing forward its reflecting and rotating distorting mirror layers.
▼旋转哈哈镜景墙,the rotate distorting mirror
▼细部,detailed view
▼入口停车场进入公园侧格栅景墙,The grille wall of entrance parking lot
▼入口停车场地面艺术喷涂,呼应包头当地军工文化,The ground art painting of parking lot, related to Baotou local military culture
02. 粼波桥
▼粼波桥/月牙湾概念草图,Concept sketch of Sparkling Bridge and Crescent Bay
▼粼波桥/月牙湾鸟瞰,Aerial view of Sparkling Bridge and Crescent Bay

▼一幅靓丽和现代艺术感的水天画卷,a beautiful and modern artistic painting

With the advantages that site can provide, the design combines the elements of beauty to form a coherent whole, and creates a delicate product with technology.
Design scene restoration: Walking through the plaza, entering the park, the winding shore line, the undulating architectural reflections and the rich layers of canopy lines, together form a beautiful and modern artistic painting . When boating on the lake, overlooking the bridge, the diamond-shaped perforation seems like the glitter on the lake in the sun. The Crescent Bay besides the bridge shows the charm of exquisite modern design with a simple flowing curve.
▼粼波桥细部,Sparkling Bridge

▼雕塑制作/施工进程,The construction phases of the bridge
▼夜间鸟瞰,aerial view by night
03. 回响乐园
▼回响乐园概念草图,Concept Sketch of Echo Playground
The mountains, the depressions, the white sands and the resounding winds in the valley. _The changing terrain and water have a magnet-like appeal to children, and it will become a place for children to fly and children to fly.
▼回响乐园鸟瞰,aerial view of the Echo Playground

We have a children’s playground that combines slope play, sand play and water play, by reshaping the current terrain and adding fun instruments. Moreover, whether it is the big horn slide, the megaphone seat next to us, or the game space enclosed by the three-dimensional wrap-around terrain, the playground is full of joy and resounding.
▼坡玩、沙玩和水玩交织融合的儿童乐园, a playground for children, combining slope play, sand play and water play

▼游戏空间,play space
04. 水映剧场
▼水映剧场/沐光大草坪/幻圆亭概念草图,Concept Sketch of Waterfront Amphi-Theater

Designers hope that the Amphi-theater and large lawns can pull people out of their house, and strangers can talk freely. Take the lake as the background, watch a movie together, listen to a few music, and gossip.
▼水映剧场和大草坪鸟瞰,aerial view of the Waterfront Amphi-Theater

Waterfront Amphi-theater changes the lifestyle of urban people with different day and night styles. Outdoor weddings and tent picnics can be held during the day. The community can be used as a community music stage and open-air cinema at night. As if from the air, the magical round pavilion witnessed the vows of the newcomers and stood on the edge of the lake.
▼露天影院,open-air cinema

Design scene restoration: to provide the local new couple a romantic wedding lawn; (daytime) through the shade of the trees, the sun shining on the lawn, the soft and flaming vows on the water’s shore; (evening) The bird’s nest on the big tree, the lights reflected on the lake and the clouds.
▼夜幕下的幻圆亭,Wedding Pavilion at night

05. 缤纷运动场
The Space is not only a basketball court or badminton court, but also a multi-purpose sports field including basketball, table tennis, badminton, football practice wall and outdoor fitness equipment. With flexible layout segmentation, it can transform motion functions through the needs of the user.
▼多功能运动场,the multi-functional sports field

06. 水生态实现
The design fully considers the climatic conditions of the Baotou location of the project, the functional characteristics of the water body, the status quo of the water quality and the harmony of the water landscape with the surrounding environment.Targeted through the construction of the ecosystem to improve the transparency of water, purification of water quality and the purpose of landscape construction.Work with eco-processing companies to create a healthy and sustainable park water environment.
▼水生态分析,water ecology analysis

生态水域总面积 9500㎡采用 “食藻虫”引导水质净化与景观构建综合技术。技术包括:食藻虫技术、水生植物优选和改良操纵等。使湖泊水生态系统得以恢复,水体实现自我净化,生物多样性显著提高,沉水植物覆盖率达到 80%以上,可见下图公园开放后水体透明度清澈见底,水质主要指标达到地表Ⅲ类水或以上标准。
The total area of ecological waters is 9,500 m2. The “Algae-infested” is used to guide the comprehensive technology of water purification and landscape construction. Techniques include: algae technology, aquatic plant optimization, and improved manipulation. Lake water ecosystems can be restored. The water body achieves self-purification. Biodiversity has increased significantly. The coverage of submerged plants is over 80%. After the park is opened, the transparency of the water is crystal clear. The main indicators of water quality meet the surface class III water or above.
▼水体透明度清澈见底,after the park is opened, the transparency of the water is crystal clear

07. 项目最后
记一座公园背后的点滴:包头 · 万科中央公园,不仅仅是万科首入这座城市,带给包头人民的礼物,也愿景着这座城市的人们能够直观地感受到的一种自由、奔放、阳光和艺术的生活方式。
▼包头·万科中央公园 风拂花海实景图,Sea of Flowers

项目名称:包头 · 万科中央公园
室内设计:北京界面空间设计有限公司 INFIISPACE
exisiting site
What we have created is not just a park, but a free, unrestrained, sunny and artistic way of life that people can directly feel. The design allows people to spend a day immersing and experiencing this highly participatory, interesting and artistic civic park by constantly switching between coherent and diverse landscape scenes. To visit the site, slow down the pace, people are surrounded by erect ginkgo trees, and can not help coming forward to gently stir this layer not only mutual reflection, but also can rotate the funny mirror landscape wall, laughing and frolicking. In addition to the daytime dazzling creative gathering of popularity, the design of the front square also combined with the glow of night lights providing citizens an environmentally friendly communication space.


At first time people entered the park, they were greeted by the graceful and rhythmic shoreline of the lake, the reflections of the undulating buildings and the rich canopy lines, which looked like a beautiful and modern artistic picture of the sky and water.As the gateway to the tourist center, the Shimmering landscape pedestrian bridge which is called SPARKLING BRIDGE and the "floating mountains" extending in both sides with various forms which is called CRESCENT BAY display the local iron and steel technology of baotou and the strength of the northern city spirit.

初入公园,律动优美的湖岸线,波荡的建筑倒影和层次丰富的林冠线扑面而来,像极了铺开的一幅靓丽和现代艺术感的水天画卷。作为进入游客中心的必经之路,这条随着波光闪烁的景观步行桥—————粼波桥(SPARKLING BRIDGE),和两侧延绵错落形式的“水上山脉”————月牙湾(CRESCENT BAY),都展现出我们包头当地的钢铁工艺和北方城市精神层面的力量感。
Walk out of the visitor centre, there is the destination we are dedicated to create for children: ECHO PLAYGROUND. Through the reconstruction of the current terrain and the implantation of interesting instruments, a children's park of slope play, sand play and water play is enclosed. No matter the big loudspeaker slide beside us, the microphone seat, or the game space enclosed by three-dimensional surround terrain, it all corresponds to the echoing theme of vitality and joy.
走出游客中心,便是我们为儿童倾心打造的目的地:回响乐园(ECHO PLAYGROUND)。设计通过对现状地形的重塑和趣味性器械的植入,围合出一个坡玩、沙玩和水玩交织融合的儿童乐园,而不论是我们身旁的大喇叭滑梯、传声筒座椅,还是立体环绕式地形围合的游戏空间,都对应着这个活力欢腾的回响主题。

On the back side of ECHO PLAYGROUND, there is a gorgeous and colorful flower sea oxygen bar full of vitality and fragrant birds, which also provides visitors with a beautiful picture.

Attracted by the energy, people came to the colorful sports zone, in addition to the two multi-functional sports ground includes basketball, ping pong, football practice wall and outdoor fitness equipment and so on, activity area also combined with local characteristics in baotou of winter outdoor sports. Hidden in the woods, we introduced the skating, one seasonal and extremely interactive people sport, into the site.
In the end of the park tour line, through the trees, is the big lawn. The design combined with the bank of the soft and beautiful shape of the wedding structure and waterfront, not only to create a place of light rest and outdoor activities, but also to the local new people a most romantic wedding lawn venue.
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