We are a collective of landscape architects, designers, and planners working together to build a better future. Our firm, ZAP Associates (ZAP), is responsible for some of the world’s most technically and environmentally advanced landscape architecture and significant public spaces. Our approach is highly collaborative, and our interdisciplinary team is international. Working from a network of creative studios across the globe, we are able to apply international expertise at a local level.


We believe that design is about more than meeting people’s needs—it is the art of realizing their aspirations and changing the way they experience the world. The best results come from a balance of disciplines: planning, landscape, and architecture. This total design approach means seamless coordination, from the dynamic initial design stages to the pride in seeing users inspired by the end result.


Urgent environmental and social challenges place a greater emphasis on engineering solutions than ever before. The principle of architects and landscape architects working together is integral to our culture. It allows us to focus our design and to use resources economically. By understanding what is possible, we can achieve the seemingly impossible. Together, we can shape the future, by applying creativity and emergent technologies to design future landscape architecture that anticipate new ways of living, working and learning.


ZAP creates distinguished landscapes and urban designs worldwide.  
Our work is predicated upon social engagement, craft, detail, materiality and timelessness. 
Our appreciation of the urban environment is paramount. 
We love cities. We celebrate their complexities, contradictions and constraints. 
We believe in their continued evolution and enjoy collaboratively shaping the way they look and function.


The firm consists of over 30 staff led by 5 principals , with offices in Denver and Shanghai.

Our crew leaders have a combined over 10 years of experience.  

At ZAP we work together as a team to provide our clients with professional quality designs.

Our best designs occur when individuals come together, challenging each other to invent new techniques and search for new expressions. 

Each project is expected to advance the larger practice, while answering to a very particular set of individual parameters. 

In our studios, passionate young architects work alongside the most experienced hands, blending wisdom with fresh inspiration.


For over ten years, ZAP has brought together the best of landscape architecture, planning, urban design, architecture, graphic design, place branding, and data science to shape the places in which we live. Out of our Denver and Shanghai offices we are defining the contours of place and redefining what's possible along the way. Today, we are a diverse practice of over 35 professionals who share a singular passion for creating spaces and places around the world that prove human potential.

Jake Hanks
Principal Partner / RLA ASLA
Jake Hanks has been pivotal in broadening ZAP's multidisciplinary design practice with an emphasis in defining ZAP Urban design as a practice focused on the future, continually emphasizing the importance of performative environments.
Jun Zhou
Jun Zhou
Principal Partner / RLA ASLA
Jun Zhou is a Partner and principal with ZAP's Denver office. His diverse portfolio includes work in the United States, Asia, and Latin America. Since joining ZAP in 2016, Jun has worked on a variety of project types, from Urban design, planning, and Park  to mixed-use high-rises. 
Vicki wang
Vicki Wang
Office Director
Vicki is a managing director with ZAP's Shanghai office. In 2016, Vicki started her ZAP career as a project coordinator before assuming the position of a project manager in 2016. As an expert in the Asian market, she has worked on a range of international projects including master plans,  mixed-use developments, retail, residential, and park and resort projects.
Monk Zhuang
Principal Partner
Monk Zhuang is a partner in ZAP’s Shanghai office. He has extensive international experience, having worked on complex projects in more than two dozen cities around the world. This informs his broad and creative perspective to address global and social issues through urbanism and the built environment. His approach is rooted in ZAP’s core values of interdisciplinary practice, design excellence, innovation, and sustainability. 
Steve Sippy
Senior Associate
Steve is a senior designer in ZAP's Denver office experience in technical, landscape architecture, sustainable, high performance, and urban design across a variety of landscape design typologies. Steve's leadership approach reinforces ZAP's commitment to an integrated multidisciplinary project delivery process.

Wu Ling
Director Assistant
As Project Assistant in the Shanghai studio, Wu Ling provides mentorship and professional development firm wide in the areas of quality control, project management and technical execution. She is a highly accomplished leader in all project phases from design to construction observation and is committed to the best ZAP design approach.
Xiulei Cheng
Project Director
Xiulei is a Project Director based in ZAP's Shanghai office. With a diverse range of international experience in major mixed-use, residential, corporate, hospitality, and academic projects. He has worked on numerous large-scale, complex, government projects in the China.
Huang Huijun
Huang Huijun is a senior landscape designer and Associate based in our Shanghai Studio. She is passionate about high performance design and planning projects that gracefully blends science and art. Her experience ranges from citywide parks master plans, urban greening master plans to high-end residential and mixed-use development projects. Her practice expands both nationally and internationally.
Gao Yawen
As Associate in ZAP's Shanghai office, Yawen's diverse experiences in community, regional, and land planning are united by a focus on people and planet. She forges the natural and social sciences in her work on parks and open space master plans, transportation infrastructure design, and development proposals. She specializes in establishing innovative processes for public engagement and has a reputation for building equity for underserved populations through participatory design.

Jun Zhou, Principal Partner

Jun is a principal partner in charge of ZAP China office. His award-winning work is recognized for its striking clarity in form, materials, and purpose. Jun's design work has been focused in urban centers around the country at a variety of scales and is informed both with a thoughtful incorporation of the human experience and clear understanding of the fabrication and construction process. His work has received multiple Design Excellence and Honor Awards from ASLA. 

He received the 2012 & 2011 ASLA National Honor Awards, 2011 Urban SOS Award for Landscape Architecture and London NLA Exhibitions Award. Jun holds a Bachelor of Science in environmental design and Master of Landscape Design in China and a Master of Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania.

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